About The RBBN

RBBN is a business to business networking group consisting of professionals who are looking to expand their business and network. We organize a monthly breakfast networking event with a guest speaker as well as virtual gatherings.

Rockland Business to Business Network

The RBBN is a spin-off the the New York Business Development Network (NYBDN) which was reinvigorated with the RBBN. The NYBDN was founded in 2007 for local Rockland/Monsey business professionals to connect with each other.


Networking helps people make new relationships and connections and helps them expand their business reach. A greater network results in potential for more business opportunities and referrals. Networking is an essential part of business and we provide the context to facilitate it.


We believe one of the greatest assets one has is their network. Your network can find you a job, send you referrals for your business, introduce you to someone they know who’s successful in your field who can help guide you. By creating a context for people to connect we are helping people grow personally, financially and professionally.


We’re primarily focused and originated in Rockland county and are looking to expand throughout the country. We are also expanding and offering different types of events.

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